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The Reviboard®️, a new skateboard generation- Revolutionary and worldwide unique

Revolutionary and worldwide unique
The Reviboard®️, a new skateboard generation invented by Oleg Lohnes.
Patent Pending


Have you ever considered the possibility of practicing several different sports at once with minimal effort and maximum effect in the comfort of your own living room, regardless of weather conditions or access to a gym?

A mere 10 minutes of riding the Reviboard®️ will engage and improve the interaction of every muscle in the body. It promotes mobility, fine motor skills, coordination, flexibility, concentration, neuroplasticity, mental flexibility, fast thinking and learning ability.


The Reviboard®️ is the ideal training tool to practice balance, which helps you center yourself. This is an important step towards balance within your soul and improved overall health.


The floating sensation which occurs while riding the Reviboard®️ can be positively addictive and the joy of life increases with every ride.
The Reviboard®️ combines skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and the specifically developed Integral Movement Prophylaxis by Oleg Lohnes (an exercise program to improve performance and physical fitness).

The Reviboard®️ is the ideal training tool, even for the laziest among us or those who are new to working out.

All you need is a small living room, office or driveway to use the Reviboard®️. It can be used in very tight spaces, with minimum dimensions of 1m x 2m (appr. 3ft x 7ft).


Safety first: The special construction lets you get on and off the Reviboard®️ safely and fearlessly. It greatly reduces the potential for injury to yourself, surrounding people, and furniture (if practicing inside) compared to conventional skateboards.


In cooperation with Shark Wheel, the Reviboard has you riding on the best wheels the skate world has to offer. The patented design and technical superiority of the wheels allow you to ride on rough grounds with ease.


Anyone interested who’s looking for something unique has the opportunity to learn the art of riding the Reviboard®️ in a daylong seminar (8hr, for dates click the link to our homepage or contact us at buero@oleglohnes.de )

The word creation Reviboard®️ is composed of the words Revitaler®️ and skateboard and trademarked by Oleg Lohnes Therapeutikum GmbH.

The Reviboard®️, a new skateboard generation invented by Oleg Lohnes.
Its special movement properties make it globally unique and revolutionary.

Pricing: 2500,- EUR plus shipping. It includes a video seminar (You’ll receive a link to the video upon purchase).